Your puppy will fly to the nearest airport with a Pet-Safe from American, European, United or Continental Airlines. He/she travels in an air-conditioned pet cabin area. He/she travels in an air-conditioned cabin area for pets, in an airline-approved mode of transport. In advance, you will be given a flight number, arrival time and a reference number that will identify your puppy. We will make all the arrangements for you, and you will pick up your puppy at the airport, just like picking up a person & you will need a reference/ticket number. Shipping is completely safe & stress-free for the puppy. You will receive the puppy within 5-6 hours the same day after shipping, depending on your location. Puppies on airplanes are as safe as you or me are when flying. I’ve been sending dogs for over 14 years. I always try to send puppies and adult dogs direct non-stop. In my experience and opinion, my puppies are very comfortable and the new owners tell me that their new puppy arrived happily and not stressed at all.

We ship our puppies with airlines because it is the fastest and safest way to get our puppies from our location to you, especially if they live far away or in another state. Our puppies are sent to an airline-approved plastic kennel, which we adjust depending on the puppy’s weight, distance or duration of the trip. You travel in a special air-conditioned and pressurized compartment in the aircraft, which is no different from the cabin. They are not in the same compartment as the passenger baggage.

Our shipping boxes are clearly marked with colorful “LIVE ANIMALS” and “UP” stickers. We clearly mark the boxes with the destination airport, the confirmation number, the telephone, and the address of the customer. When we know a puppy is about to be shipped, we play with him in the box before shipping so he can get used to it. You have never shown fear of the box. We put a lot of food and plenty of water in the transport box. The water provides the necessary moisture that the puppy needs during transport. One reason is that in the unlikely event that the puppy is stuck in an airport overnight (due to problems with the connecting flight), we don’t have to worry about whether he has enough to eat or drink. Though traveling is not that strenuous for her, we don’t want to give them more time in transit than is absolutely necessary. For this reason, we are also looking for the shortest route and, if possible, always plan direct flights.

We check the weather conditions at the destination and only ship if we believe it is safe. We put our puppy’s health above all other considerations and do not ship when we feel it may be dangerous to the puppy’s wellbeing. We usually ship from Monday to Sunday. We guarantee the safe and healthy arrival of your puppy. We do not ship if we think the weather conditions are dangerous for the puppy. It will take your puppy a few days to get used to its new home. Sometimes it takes a day or two for him to settle in, but the vast majority of people tell us that he immediately gets out of the shipping crate and feels right at home.

Nanny shipping

We can also deliver your new puppy DIRECTLY in your arms !! We have reliable airline nannies who will fly directly to you with your puppy. This is the safest, most reliable, and least stressful way your new pup will be brought to you. A puppy nanny, bored, will take the puppy away and can give him the attention he needs. We want the best possible care for your puppy!